UROPA attended a fundraiser/ghost hunt the first weekend in February at the Old Tooele Hospital – otherwise known as Asylum 49. The Utah Ghost Organization co-hosted the evening. U.G.O. had some great equipment setup throughout the building with their “base” setup in the main lobby – equipment included a monitor setup that displayed 4 wireless infrared dvr cameras for people to watch. Several members of the Utah Ghost Organization also shared experiences that had happened to them in the hospital including seeing shadows (captured and posted on www.Asylum49.com), and multiple evp’s.

The first part of the evening involved splitting up the large group of people in attendance into smaller groups and taking us all on a tour of the hospital. Our guide was the owner of the hospital and Founder of Asylum 49 - Kimm Andersen. He presented a very informative and entertaining tour including several of his own personal experiences that he has had in the building. The tour itself was worth the trip.

Once all of the smaller groups had completed the tour, everyone was allowed access to the parts of the building that they had showed us during the tour. Our group traveled light this trip and only brought a few audio recorders and a couple of digital cameras and one camcorder.

We were able to find several compelling evp’s during our investigation that evening. A few of our favorites are posted here for you to listen to. There are 3 that seem to have the sound of childrens voices. One reason these are interesting to us is because on the nights that they do these tours and allow these groups of people to ghost hunt - the age limit is 18 or older. Another reason these are of interest is just that there are what sounds like childrens voices, and several of the stories told that night – specifically stories and experiences mentioned by our tour guide Kimm – were about 2 children ghosts (a young boy and girl) that are either attached to staff of Asylum 49 or the Hospital itself.

As for photographs – we have a few with odd shadows in them. However, we don’t feel we can present them as evidence because they may have been fingers in front of the flash. One picture taken that night in what used to be an Emergency Room does have what appears to be an orb in motion.

Our group had a few personal experiences – Kelly reported that she felt like something tugged on her pocket in one of the rooms we were in. In this same room it was thought that we heard some whispering.
We were also able to help debunk one of the stories told during the tour - there were reports of letters/words showing up on walls in a particular room. Someone there that night was able to duplicate something that looked similar to the "words" when they were taking a picture in that room. We were able to help determine that it was just a flash reflecting off of a shiny silver light switch cover and casting a reflection of the shiny cover on the wall.
Overall it was a great experience. There were a lot of other people there with varying objectives…some there just for fun and to play around, other groups were there with more serious intentions. That being said, we still had a great time. We were able to find several interesting evp’s, a couple of photos, and it was interesting to see how other groups carried out their methods of investigating.

  Thanks again to Asylum 49 and to Utah Ghost Organization for their time and effort – and for making such an interesting place available to the public to enjoy.
Location photos only