"New House Effect"  by John York
So you have moved into a new home, settled in, and there late at night you hear a strange knocking noise. You have never heard this noise before and cannot figure out what it is.  You know that everyone is asleep and yet there is obviously something making that sound.

Loud creaks and knocks can sound as if someone else is in the home. What does one think when they discover that there is in fact no one else in the home?

At this point, some may think "ghost" and everything else that is somewhat "mysterious" becomes ghost related.

The new house effect is simply being unfamiliar with sounds or anything else that effects the senses of someone new to a home or building.

Some noises may be simple to find the cause of while others may take some time to isolate.

All homes settle and have there own peculiar sounds. The home you live in now may have sounds that are all too familiar to you but suppose someone else stays the night and experiences these noises. Would they know what the source is?

Take the time to get to know your home and understand that "unknown" is not always paranormal.