This site is dedicated to my oldest daughter who has helped me to understand that by having a firm hold onto one's beliefs, you may miss the chance to see the truth...
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We are always looking for opportunities to study "hauntings".  If you are willing to entertain the idea of your haunting please contact us! Although we are Brigham City based, we also focus on Logan, Ogden, Tremonton and surrounding communities. However, we are by no means limited to any area...

           UROPA is a non-profit paranormal investigations/research organization founded in 2008 and based in Northern Utah. Our goal is not an effort to convince people to believe or to try and dis-prove one's claims  but to observe objectively cases of spontaneous psi phenomena (ghosts, RSPK, etc) and collect data from alledgedly "haunted" locations. From these observations in the field, we try to understand how and why this phenomena is being perceived and in turn help those that are dealing with it in their daily lives.

UROPA understands that the survival of conciousness or what is commonly labeled as "ghost" with the  preconcieved ideas of such  may or may not exist.  We can say however, that something is taking place and is oftentimes perceived to have human traits...

Parapsychological studies in anomolous cognition and PK phenomena may help us understand why some people experience "ghosts". This is an area of study UROPA is currently exploring and within this framework, we now employ the use of Psychic Mediums to assist in possible communication with "spirits".

We respect the willingness of those that share their stories and personal experiences for these are the foundation of paranormal research.

Although we are Brigham City based, we are by no means limited to any one region.


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   HAUNTING;   The repeated manifestation of    
  supernatural phenomena in a specific location.   
"The moment the mirror of truth is held up to a ghost, and he or she realizes that the problems that seem insoluble are no longer important, he or she will be able to leave." ~ Hans Holzer
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